Disinfection warning on YHT lines from Konya Governorship

Konya Governorship warning about spraying on YHT lines: Konya Governorship warned about the spraying to be carried out by TCDD General Directorate of High-Speed ​​Train lines. The Governorship announced the area where spraying will take place.

General Directorate of TCDD said that the plant will be applied to the plant growing in Ankara-Eskişehir-Konya-Niğde-Kayseri-Zonguldak-Karabük-Kırıkkale-Çankırı-Bilecik-Sakarya YHT railway lines.

Authorities stated that the chemical pesticide in question was harmful to human and animal health, and that the railway line that will be applied between 17.04.2017-16.06.2017 was not grazed for a week near the 10 meter and not to harvest grass.

Konya Governorship also gave information about the spraying in the city.

Areas and hours of application: 22.04.2017 (Hour: 21.00) 23.04.2017 (Hour: 06.00) Marşandiz-Konya YHT Path Disinfection 06.05.2017 (Hour: 21.00) 07.05.2017 (Hour: 06.00).

Source : I www.hakimiyet.co

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