Karşıyaka tram departs next week

Karşıyaka tram departs next week: Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, the city's local radios, Romantic Turk, Can Radio and Yıldız FM by participating in a joint broadcast Abdullah Polat, Gokhan Kafali and Melih Bingol answered questions.

Karşıyaka Pre-operation starts on Tram
"Karşıyaka We came to the end of the tram. We have no problem. We're going to start the preliminary operation next week. We are also working on reaching out to Çiğli. Of course, the first target Çiğli İZBAN; after that we want to reach Ata Sanayi, Atatürk Organized Industry and Katip Çelebi University. Konak tram works quickly. Karşıyaka With the completion of the tram and the participation of the teams there, Konak Tram will gain speed. And we'll see you in the field like Autumn. We will reach Buca by 13.5 kilometer metro, not by tram. Because of both passenger capacity and location, the tram cannot handle this load. From Üçyol to Çamlıkule, we will make a deep tunnel subway to cover the Dokuz Eylül University Tınaztepe Campus. We will try to raise it to the end of this year, but most likely we will hold the auction at 2018. We will overlap the subway with Şirinyer İZBAN. One of the most important things that will comfort us is the meeting of İZBAN and the metro in more places. We were meeting in Halkapınar. Then we opened the Crescent Transfer Station. Our current goal is to merge the IZBAN and the subway at the Sirinyer station. ”

Looking for another formula instead of monorail
“We are at the tender stage in Narlıdere metro. We will start construction work this year. 36 km. İZBAN is finished in Selçuk; State Railways have few shortcomings. When they are completed, that line will start working. The rail system in Izmir, which served with 2000 stations on an 11-kilometer line in 10, has grown 12 times today and operates at 130 kilometers. With the new extension projects and tram investments of İzmir Metro and İZBAN, the rail system network in İzmir will reach 180 kilometers this year. We did the feasibility of the monorail. We looked at the number of passengers it will carry and its cost. It turned out to be much more expensive than our thoughts and it will not be as profitable as we would like. That's why we stopped the project. We are looking for other formulas for İzmir transportation. "

The cost of this road is 1 billion liras
“We are making significant investments in transportation. For example, Homeros Boulevard, which will connect Buca, Konak and Bornova, has a cost between 800 million TL and 1 billion TL. Some of the expropriations continue. We made the tunnel tender. The place will be delivered. We also made the viaduct tender. We are working to connect from the Jewish cemetery to the garage and the ring road. If there is no setback, it will end between 2019-2020, which will be one of the most important roads, perhaps the most important, ever made to Izmir. "

Let's give it a try first
"Environmentalists have established Turkey's first electric bus fleet with quiet and economical features. It's a very expensive investment. We bought the 20 Narlıdere subway. We will try both the efficiency and the economic function for a while. We're going to eat the yogurt. If it is efficient, we will continue.

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