KARDEMİR can produce all the rails that TCDD needs

We are able to produce all the rails that TCDD needs: Prime Minister Consultant Assoc, who came to Karabük as the guest of the Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association (MÜSİAD). Dr. Kudret Bülbül with MÜSİAD Karabük Branch Head Ahmet Nur, Cihannüma Association Board Member Adnan Çelik and Officer Sen Province President Zeki Öz with a delegation Kardemir is visited.

KARDEMİRUpon his arrival in Ankara, Prime Minister Counselor Assoc. Dr. Kudret Bülbül and the accompanying delegation then went to the meeting hall and met with the company executives for a while.

During the meeting, KARDEMİR Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Kamil Güleç shared brief information about the iron and steel industry and the activities of Kardemir in the sector. Stating that Karabük was a city founded on 3 April 1937 with the foundation of the Iron and Steel factories and our 80th anniversary will be celebrated together two days later, our Vice President Kamil Güleç, who had been privatized in 1995, made 22 billion $ within the remaining 2 years. noted that it has renewed its production technologies and expanded its product range with products with high added value. Güleç said, “Kardemir, which was established 80 years ago with a capacity of 150 thousand tons, was an old company that produced 1995 thousand tons in 500 when it was privatized and was able to produce only certain steel qualities. We have been working day and night with all our colleagues for the past 22 years, just like a marathon run. Today, 2 million investing over tonnes, producing 72 meter painting up rail, capable of producing heavy profiles that are not produced in Turkey, we have become a company which can produce a variety of steel grades for for the newly established bar in coils rolling mill machinery manufacturing industry, "he said.

Our company Vice Chairman Kamil Güleç, who opened a separate paragraph in the production of rails in his speech, said that the President of today's Ray Profil rolling mill is our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Güleç said, “When our President visited our company as the Prime Minister in 2004, they asked us to produce rails by drawing attention to the fact that great advances will be made in the railways in our country. We immediately started the investment and opened the facility in person, also by honoring our President Karabük. Today, we can produce all the tracks that TCDD needs. TCDD no longer has to buy tons of tracks from abroad by paying very high currencies. He can supply the rail from our company for half the price and the tonnage he wants. ”

Pointing out the social aspect of Kardemir in his speech, our Vice President Güleç noted that the Iron and Steel Institute established by Kardemir at Karabük University is also the only institution in its field in our country.

KARDEMİR General Manager Ercüment Ünal pointed out that Kardemir is of great importance not only for Karabük but also for our country. Ünal ”Kardemir is a company that buys all of the coking coal produced by Zonguldak TTK and purchases almost all of the local ores produced in Anatolia such as Ankara, Kayseri, Elâzığ, Sivas and Balıkesir. Our miners in these regions are also of great importance for their provinces. In this respect, Kardemir has importance not only for Karabük but also in these provinces of our country. ” Noting that Kardemir has made an investment of 2010 billion 1 million dollars in 100 only until today, Ünal noted that it was paid on time in its investment-borrowed debts and that Kardemir continued its journey as a strong company in the sector.

During the visit, our Deputy Chairman of the Board, Kamil Gulec, in memory of the day, the Prime Minister Counselor Assoc. Dr. Kudret Bülbül was presented with the first Turkish Iron mattress produced on September 10, 1939.

After the meeting, the Prime Minister's Office, who was wearing personal protective equipment for the technical trip, Assoc. Dr. Kudret Bülbül and his accompanying delegation passed to Blast Furnaces followed by production of liquid crude iron. The technical trip ended with the examination of the 72 meter rails produced at the rolling mill.

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