Izmir Monorail Project Raised

Izmir Monorail Project
Izmir Monorail Project

Izmir Monorail Project Rafa Departed: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kocaoglu from the calculation of the project will be the first in Turkey has announced that it stopped because it comes expensive.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality 'Izmir Commuter ESBAS Station-Gaziemir New Fair Area Monorail Line' project was shocked.

The project was approved by the Ministry in February and the project was approved by the EIA.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “Monorail is very expensive in our calculations. It came to Izmir's economy much more economically expensive than its contribution to the function of the Fair from its passenger. We stopped the project. We are looking for another formula. However, we will support the Fair in terms of transportation in a different way ”.


The monorail system, which will work on the beams to be placed on the raised columns, would start from the ESBAŞ station of İZBAN and, by cutting Akçay Street, continue along the Peripheral Road Gaziemir Junction Ring Road and reach Fuar İzmir. Passengers wishing to come to the new fair complex by air from the suburbs and outside of Izmir could reach the Fair via the monorail system after arriving at the ESBAŞ station with İZBAN. Monorail, examples of which are seen in developed cities of the world, would have been established in Izmir for the first time in Turkey.


The construction work of the project will be continued at the stage of the stage. The works to be started this year were planned to be completed in 2020.




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