İZBAN Selçuk flights will start this year

İZBAN Selçuk flights will start this year: Minister of Transport Ahmet Arslan gave the good news that the people of Selçuk will meet the comfort of İZBAN this year. Arslan also announced that the Marmaray sets will be sent to Izmir and the frequency of 10 minutes will be reduced to 6 minutes.

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, Seljuk government building, the foundation laying ceremony, thanks to the support of the nation have implemented large-scale projects.

Turkey has every day magic, Transport, Shipping and every place in the country's Ministry of Communications "lace knit" as the divided highway, with the high-speed railway, airports, the Arslan reminding eg with seaports, said that the nation while the real owners of the business.

Arslan, Izmir, divided roads, tunnels, highway construction and the construction of the road that will be translated.

Menemen-Aliağa-Çandarlı highway that they are based on the reminiscent of the Arslan, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim's order-to-transfer model with the build-operate-transfer model to be made without the use of public resources will take place this year, the Border Transition Project Narlıdere-Çiğli said.


İzmir Metropolitan Municipality can not do with their own facilities in cooperation with the İZBAN Project reported that Arslan, Aliaga, Tepeköy'a up to 109 kilometers long railway line so far 423 million people moved.


Arslan said that the Seljuk people will meet this year with the comfort of İZBAN and said: “We want to make the life of İzmir and Seljuks easier. Until now, the 229 runs 10 every minute, and İZBAN works in minutes, serving the people of İzmir.


Next month, we will move Marmaray's 6 set to 360, and we will reduce the time range from 10 to 6 minutes. God willing, you will experience the comfort and comfort of Selcuk'a this.



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