III. International Iron and Steel Symposium Started

III. International Iron and Steel Symposium Started: The International Iron and Steel Symposium, which was organized for the third time this year by Karabuk University Iron and Steel Institute, has started. Our company contributed as the main sponsor to the symposium, which took place within the scope of the 80th Anniversary celebration events of Karabük and Kardemir. Our company's engineers also took part in the symposium with the presentations of papers prepared.

The opening session of the symposium will be held in Karabük University Hamit Çepni Conference Hall.

Karabük Governor Mehmet Aktaş, Karabük Deputies Mehmet Ali Şahin and Prof.Dr. Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, Mayor of Karabük Rafet Vergili, Rector of Karabuk University. Dr. Refik Polat, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of our Company Kamil Güleç and Board Members Ahmet Zeki Yolbulan and Osman Kahveci, General Manager Ercüment Ünal, General Secretary of TÇÜD. Prof. Dr. Veysel Yayan, industrialists, academic and administrative staff of the university and many international representatives of the industry and employees from our company at the level of manager and engineer and students participated.

At the opening of the symposium, Karabük University Rector. Dr. Refik Polat, Karabük Member of Parliament Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, Karabuk Governor Mehmet Aktas and finally 23. Mehmet Ali Şahin, the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) and Karabük Deputy, gave a speech and said:

Rector of Karabuk University Dr. Refik Polat: “This year is the 80th anniversary of Kardemir and Karabük. This year is also the 10th anniversary of our university's founding. For this reason, this symposium takes place on a very meaningful date within us. Kardemir makes great contributions to the symposia held at our university. For this reason, I would like to thank Kardemir management. We want to make Karabük a congress center by organizing brand symposia. Iron and Steel Symposium is one of them.

Based on the university as an example of this symposium we want to Industry-University Cooperation in Turkey. We will have a visit to Korea this month. There is an iron and steel factory and university in Korea. There is an example of cooperation in the world. We want to move such samples to Karabük. One of our goals since the day we took office was to make Karabük a congress center. This year we wanted to add new awareness to this and we decided to hold our congresses in international cooperation. We will organize congresses with different universities. We also made some agreements on this issue. We have cooperation with some universities in Malaysia. In October, we will hold the advanced materials symposium together with some world-famous universities. On this occasion, I sincerely congratulate the 80th anniversary of Karabük and Kardemir and wish a successful symposium. ”

Governor Mehmet Aktaş: “The Young Republic has strived to crown its independence achieved with victories in the battlefields with the investments it will make in the field of economy and industry. For this purpose, the search for a place for iron and steel production, which is the most important input of the industry, has started. That's 80 years ago today foundations were laid and after the "factory established factories" title in all of Turkey is an important function that carried out the construction, our province also the story of our factory won the capital city of the title of the heavy industry was started.

This facility, which was established in an area covered with marshes and reeds, has become an important part of the country's need for that day with an annual production amount of 150.000 tons. The iron and steel factory has been a source of hope and pride for our country and a means of work and love for our city. Our factory, which we celebrate its 80th year, has also shown the magnificence of giving to this city what it received from this city. The best example of this is our university, where we are together today. Our training home, which is a living example of university-industry cooperation and state-citizen solidarity, owes its point of today to our governments, and to Kardemir, its biggest supporter and patron. Thanks to the university, both the economic structure and the social and cultural structure of our province have gained great dynamism.

The target of 80 million tons of production of the factory with a capacity of 150.000 tons, which was established by British engineers 3 years ago, has also been established with the support of the factory, and it has become one of the leading universities in our country with its more than 50.000 students and it has very important training such as rail engineering and iron and steel institute. Organizing an international iron and steel symposium at Karabuk University, which has units, is a great happiness and pride for us. I hope that this sense of cooperation and solidarity will carry us to many 80 years. ”

Karabük Deputy Prof. Dr. Burhanettin Uysal: “Science is progressing so fast; it is not possible to catch science. According to the latest research, the knowledge in the world doubles every five years. In medical science, this period goes up to three years. Managing this knowledge as well as producing science requires a separate specialization.

We need to talk more about what we do at these symposia. Today we celebrate the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the city of Karabük. It is necessary to know well 80 years ago. We succumbed from the first world war, we fought the liberation war, and declared the Republic on 29 October 1923. Only 14 years later, we decided to industrialize and established the first integrated iron and steel factories in Karabük. In 1937, the footsteps of the second world war are coming. Europe is getting armed. We want to protect the young Republic. With what we will protect. We have to make weapons. In order to make the weapon, we have to produce iron steel. And for the first time, we produce iron steel in Karabük. Protecting this Republic and leaving our country a rich and stable country with a high level of welfare will only be through education, science and technology. I think the future of this country is much brighter. I trust the academics and especially the young people very much in this regard. ”

23rd Term Parliament Speaker and Karabuk Member of Parliament Mehmet Ali Sahin: “Actually, we are experiencing a different beauty here. We are holding a symposium that I consider extremely important in terms of university-industry cooperation. 80 years ago, if Karabük Iron and Steel Factories were not established and there was no such factory in Karabük, I think Karabük would not have been in this situation. Because in 1937, when these iron and steel factories were established, Karabük was a small neighborhood. This is very important as it shows where the industry has brought a city to a certain point. Our university was established 10 years ago and there has been a truly exemplary cooperation between our university and Kardemir since its inception. Just a while ago, our rector said that they wanted to improve this process in Karabük by examining a model there in South Korea, which became a model for university-industry cooperation. I was very happy about it. Karabük should not be an industrial city that only produces iron and steel. We hope to become a city that not only produces iron and steel, but also produces a number of industrial products based on iron steel, with the introduction of the specialized organized industrial zone, which we hope will become operational within the borders of Eskipazar. An international award ceremony was held 10 days ago in Paris. Scientists award ceremony. Assoc. Dr. Our Bilge Demirköz teacher received the international rising talent award. He has an assessment reflected in the press that this assessment should shed light on us. As our coach says "we do not build cars in Turkey, but producing machines. We are proud of our tunnels, but we cannot produce the moles that open the tunnels. We produce, but we buy the machines from the outside. The main thing is to be able to produce technology. I wish this symposium will help us take these steps. If we really want to have a say in the world, if we want to be strong, we should definitely overcome our shortcomings in this field as well. ”

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