IETT Enhances Service Quality with High Technology

📩 16/12/2018 16:52

IETT Increased Service Quality with High Technology: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council approved the IETT General Directorate's Annual Report for 2016. IETT General Manager Arif Emecen, who presented the report to the Municipal Assembly, said that they increased service quality and citizen satisfaction through technological applications such as Akyolbil and Black Box.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council approved the 2016 Annual Report of the IETT General Directorate by majority of votes. The report was discussed in the session held by the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly Ahmet Selamet in the City Council in Saraçhane City Hall. Following the presentation made by IETT General Manager Arif Emecen, Murat Gülkıran, Transportation Commissioner on behalf of the AK Party Group, and İsa Öztürk on behalf of the CHP Group, expressed his views. The IETT 2016 Annual Report, which was submitted to the vote after the speeches, was accepted by the Assembly Members with 132 votes and 39 votes.

IETT General Manager Arif Emecen, who presented the Annual Report to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Assembly, stated that they carry their knowledge and experience to the future by making the most powerful use of today's technological developments.


Orum I would like to thank Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. On the basis of these successes; his vision for IETT and the leadership that eliminates all obstacles in front of us ”Arif Emecen said, in 2016, 5,5 thousand 2 buses with an average age of 713 and 12 thousand 601 stops and 753 even offered public transportation to every corner of Istanbul.

Emecen pointed out that İETT is responsible for the operation and supervision of the buses of Private Public Buses and Otobüs A.Ş. “In 2016, we inspected a total of 5 thousand 797 vehicles including IETT vehicles in terms of technical and physical conditions and worked to ensure that these vehicles provide safe, comfortable and timely public transportation services to Istanbul residents. With the stops added last year, we reduced the access range to the average 500 meter. We increased the population reaching the stops at this distance to 98 percent. Last year we carried 481 million passengers with only IETT vehicles. İstanbul A.Ş. and Private Public Buses.


Emecen underlined that İETT has made a journey of excellence in his speech and said, “Our activities under the title of“ Implementing EFQM Excellence Model are based on increasing the success of the rational use of resources available and ensuring continuity. İETT, which decided to implement EFQM Excellence Model in 2012, has made significant progress in this period. The point we have reached on this path was confirmed by the Excellence Achievement Award given by the European Quality Management Foundation in 2016. We received this award in the 'Adding Customer Value Category' as a result of field visits made by the international delegation in May ”.


IETT's 2016 budget expenditure item 1 billion 424 million 880 thousand 681 pounds, income item is 1 billion 535 million 846 thousand 717 pounds, transferring the share of personnel and SSI expenses in budget expenses 26,69 percent ü said that the form.

Emecen stated that he spent 2016 million 50 thousand 456 pounds in 446 in 91,06 for the technological infrastructure investments, bus purchases and other investments that raise the service quality of IETT and prepared us for the future and realized XNUMX as a percentage of current expenditure budget.


Yüzde 65,83 percent of our total income was composed of enterprise and property revenues, 26,66 percent capital income, 5,55 percent donations and grants received, 1,96 percent other revenues. One of the studies conducted under the title of Mükemmel Perfecting Management Systems veri is data management. With our efforts in this area, we have 'enabled information management' and 'strengthened our information systems'. With the Akyolbil application, which provides the opportunity to monitor bus, bus and line densities and to make necessary line and stop adjustments, we are able to make line and trip arrangements instantly. With this system, which we manage from our Fleet Management Center, we are able to change the number of flights and the capacity of the vehicles assigned in case of emergency and make sudden interventions. ”


Emecen emphasized that the most important project implemented by IETT in 2016 was the 'Black Box Project'. “All of our buses already had smart vehicles. It was monitored by GPS and monitored by internal and external cameras. In addition to these, we added the Black Box system used in the aircraft and started to monitor and control our buses more effectively. With this project, 48 raw data is obtained which gives wise information on fuel consumption, distance traveled, periodic maintenance and fault management of our buses. With these data, it is possible to see what needs to be done for our fleet to be more efficient and the trainings that our drivers need to improve their performances. ”

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