IETT was selected as Low Carbon Hero

IETT Low Carbon Hero was selected: Istanbul 146 serving the years, has become Turkey's most established brand in the public transportation has added a new award to IETT. IETT, which is one step ahead with its environmentalist identity in our world where natural life is increasingly disappearing, was awarded the 'Low Carbon Hero' award.

In our world where the effects of global warming and climate change are felt more and more, natural life is becoming more and more disappeared, successful companies in the management of carbon are 4. Awarded at Istanbul Carbon Summit. IETT, which works to reduce its carbon footprint with its responsibility to the environment, has been awarded the Low Carbon Hero award given by the Sustainable Production and Consumption Association.

At the award ceremony held at Istanbul Technical University, Recep Kadiroglu, the Head of Transportation Technology Department, representing the General Manager of IETT Arif Emecen, received the 'Low Carbon Hero' award, and the General Manager of Renewable Energy, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. He took it from Oğuz Can.

IETT 3 reached a thousand students
IETT 'Science Line' project 3 thousand students in the carbon management of education, indicating that Recep Kadiroğlu, yönetim IETT 'The shortest line to science' with the slogan 'Science Line' project began. As a mini science center in primary and secondary schools, a line was developed to provide students with information on sustainability, environmental technologies, renewable energies and smart cities. Our students, our future iler 3 thousand students reached this project, 8 thousand hours of sustainability, environment, energy and carbon management, renewable energies and smart cities were trained on. Within the framework of this study, we were awarded the Bu Low Carbon Hero Bu. We would like to thank Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for his support on this road. As IETT, we will continue to protect our environment and continue our future. İ


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