The high-speed train couldn't make it, but for Gemlik freight train, the tunnel will be built from the bottom of Gündoğdu to Kursunlu.

The high-speed train could not make it, but for the Gemlik freight train, the tunnel will be built from the bottom of Gündoğdu to Kursunlu. TCDD started preparations.
The first news of the preparation came from Binali Yildirim as the Minister of Transportation of the period at the groundbreaking ceremony held at Balat on 23 December 2012 for high speed train.
That day…
In his speech on the podium, he said, j We collected the small stones of Bursa and assembled the high speed train under the highway otoyol.
. We decided to link the high-speed train to Gemlik. We will start the project at 2013. Proje
In the ceremony environment, Yıldırım announced the project as a high-speed train; In addition to Bursa, the cities of neighboring cities such as Bilecik, Eskişehir and Kütahya aimed to transport freight trains from industrial zones to the port.
There is a significant improvement in the following days regarding the Gemlik freight train, which has been awarded the project in May 2014. To be more specific, the route of the Gemlik train was clear.
According to this…
Located on the high-speed rail track between Yenişehir-Balat stations, Dereçavus is the intersection point for the new project.
The new line departing from the intersection point of the high-speed train line, Dereçavus, will proceed to the plain and pass through the lands of Aksungur and Ahmetbey villages to the Gündoğdu slopes.
From there Or
Gündoğdu village and a long tunnel to be opened from the bottom of the hill train line will lead down to the beach between the Kurşunlu-Gemlik.
And then Sonra
He will pass by Gemsaz and pass by Gemlik Military Hara in front of Gemport. The Gemlik freight train station is also planned to be built on the hill next to Gemport.

Source : Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - I




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