Two cable car lines arrive in Gaziosmanpaşa

There are two cable car lines coming to Gaziosmanpaşa: due to the topographic structure of Gaziosmanpaşa, the cable car which is prominent as a convenient means of transportation will be added to the district in the coming period with the 2 project. The first one will be the Miniatürk-Alibeyköy-Vialand project. Miniatürk -Kinbeyköy cable car line will pass through Gaziosmanpaşa. The second cableway line planned to pass through the district will be the Akşemsettin-Gaziosmanpaşa-Rami cable car line of 2,9 kilometers. When these lines are completed, a pleasant journey will be made with a panoramic view of Istanbul from Gaziosmanpaşa and travel time will be reduced by saving time.