Fenalaşan Yolcuyu Saved Female Driver

Fenalaşan Yolcuyu Woman Driver Saved: Manisa Metropolitan Municipality using the public transport and Manisa's first female driver, Fatma Gungor, while on the go fenalaşan woman passenger by raising the hospital, saved his life.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which is appreciated by the equality of opportunity it has created in Manisa, has entrusted the public transport to Fatma Gungor and it has received the admiration of the citizens. Fatma Güngör, the only female driver of Manisa, raised the female passenger to the Manisa State Hospital while she was using the 6 bus line. The camera records in the bus also reflected in the images of other passengers on the bus in the moments of interest in the Gungor, opening the way to the hospital without losing time to train the patient.

Grown to the hospital, gave information to his wife
Speaking about the event, Fatma Gungor, “My passenger suddenly became ill. I tried to do my best. I brought him to Manisa State Hospital. Then I called my passenger's wife and gave information. I hope the health status is good..

'They entrust their lives to us'
Greeting the passengers with a smiling face, citizens are surprised to see the female bus driver in advance, accustomed to the time passed as Fatma Gungor, “I started to work with the employment provided by the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality. I've been using service before. At first, the passengers were surprised because I was the only female bus driver in Manisa. Now they're used to it and they're supporting it. Our duty is to provide the best service to our citizens. They entrust their lives to us. ”

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