Around the Rails in Batman Cleansed of Garbage

Around the Rails in Batman Was Trashed: The garbage formed around the railways of DDY, which is one of the transportation roads of the city, was cleaned by the teams affiliated to the Municipal Cleaning Affairs Directorate on the right and left.

Municipalities within the boundaries of the 12 kilometers across the network of cleaning work carried out throughout the network of railroads periodically connected to the Department of Cleaning Affairs teams, located within the borders of the neighborhood of Huzur neighborhood cleaned of garbage.

In Batman, cleaning services are carried out within the scope of special programs in the neighborhoods as well as routine urban cleaning activities, and the teams of the Municipal Cleaning Affairs Directorate clean the railway route and its surroundings by removing it from the garbage and pollution periodically. Deputy Chairman Ertuğ Şevket AKSOY stated that the works will continue without slowing down.

Günceleme: 16/12/2018 16:57

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