Debates on the Şanlıurfa Trolleybus Project

Debates on the Şanlıurfa Trolleybus Project: Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality's discussion on the Trolleybus project will be held on April 20, 2014. There is also a positive opinion on social media in the project. Authorities, the existing bus route between Abide-Balıklıgöl will be used, thanks to the project, hopes that the Lower Bazaar will be free of Exhaust Pollution and that citizens will turn to public transportation instead of private vehicle. Another cuts the project to harm the former Urfa.

The debate on the Trolleybus project (Trambus) will be held on Monday, April 2015 by the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality.

Project; The loan from the World Bank will be implemented on the 3,5 kilometer ring line between Abide and Haleplibahçe.

Trolleybuses will use the route currently used by public transport buses, and the transition from Democracy street (Water Square) has become definite.

Certain points will be banned in the car park at certain points of demarcation that will be used for the direction of departure. In Divanyolu, which will be used as arrival direction, the other lane will be used by the vehicles again.

86 thousand people a day to serve the capacity of the project is planned in many details are clarified. 24 meters long, 250-300 passenger capacity between 10 pieces Trolleybus will make the ring between the Abide-Haleplibahçe. 7 will be found at the 11 stop on the planned itinerary.

Discussions on the trolleybus project continue. 9 bin 260 member of the Sanururfa Cultural Heritage Association in the comments made in the Facebook group of the project said that the public should be discussed in the project.

Here are some of the comments:
Mehmet Selim Açar: '1981 from Ankara, 1984'de from Istanbul, 1992'de removed from use in Izmir horned trolleybus system is coming to Urfa. Unfortunately, 24 is being auctioned in April. As we always say; Such issues should be discussed with the public. The accuracy of the academic committees should be scientifically registered. 16 April must be followed by everyone. As an association, we ask you to review the decision once more.

Muhammed Selim Açar: It is true that the excavation will be made for the fiberoptic infrastructure. There is no pedestrian pole from the street of Istanbul and the flotation path from the Balıklıgöl junction to the. Considering the operating cost of the system, the 15 centimeter bob cat excavation is something that can be considered. For Karaköprü, there is a share on the roads for the light rail system at the intersections which are planned and completed. 2. The stage is considered as it routes. There is no burden on the current traffic arrangement. There is no excavation. No tram flooring like tramway is already on this route. It is like a regular bus that will pass through the old narrow roads with the vehicle battery. Eski

Mehmet Koyuncu: “It was not very explanatory. For example, there are narrow spots in front of PTT or around Karameydanı. It seems that there will be no parking on the right. If we solve the park event on the right, there is no traffic problem. Then why waste money on this investment?

Mehmet Palalıoğlu: In Malatya, let's examine. How wrong it is to be seen. For this reason, Elazig decided on the rechargeable system. I'd better review.

Yusuf Sabri Gear: Old Urfa 7m wide historical streets of the 24 m.length do not release the wire-horned trolley bus. If you will give the line to Karaköprü to give. 1, even if the trolleybus was decided. Historic areas should not be. TOKI and Karaköprü could have been the city's development towards the west.

Cemil Anlayan: “I like the project. Of course it needs to be discussed. As far as I understand, there's not much going on. The same route will take the bus instead of the trolleybus. These buses are long but because of the 2 bellows, they are more comfortable than normal buses. We should discuss and discuss this as the people of Şanlıurfa. Should we send buses with 300 to Balıklıgöl, or should everyone go with their own vehicle? Aydın should support this investment in public transport. Democracy Street, Haşimiye and Akarbaşı old Urfa, especially in the environment should be able to visit easily. We should remove these areas from vehicle pollution as much as possible from the exhaust pollution. The day is happening in Akarbaşı, due to heavy traffic and beautiful parks. When we modernize this, when we maximize satisfaction, people prefer to public transport instead of private vehicles. The modern cities are trent; Investing in public transport allows people to use their private vehicle as little as possible. Metropolitan Municipality should be encouraged in this sense; In this sense, our president, Nihat Ciftci, should be able to strengthen his hand. Başkan

Mehmet Kalaycı: ıl Tourism regions are the places where the vehicle traffic is the least and even cleared all over the world. As Urfa, we have to take steps in this sense. The trolleybuses that will work with electricity are an important move in this sense. I disagree with the idea that trolleybuses will harm the historic buildings by creating a jolt. The biggest damage to historical buildings is exhaust fumes. I think its applicability has been well studied. Nevertheless, I think it would be useful to explain this project to the people of Şanlıurfa in detail with a meeting. I think this kind of meeting would be very useful in terms of eliminating information pollution.

Rahime Tatlıcı: We are experiencing great difficulties especially when traveling between Abide and Balıklıgöl. I hope the trolleybus project ends these problems. We want one of the vehicles to be allocated only for the ladies. 'Buses often carry passengers far above their normal capacity. This situation has some negative consequences. Especially on weekends, we travel in vehicles. We are the most affected women, the elderly and the disabled. En

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