Radical Solution to Urban Traffic

The Radical Solution to Bursan's Traffic to the City Center: As Bursa grows, no matter what the new centers of attraction in the new settlements, Atatürk Street and the Sculpture region become the center of the city.
In that respect O
Since there is a special density of Atatürk Street, ie Sculpture region, vehicle traffic and pedestrian traffic are always cramped every hour of the day.
So what…
There is a trend brought by the quiet city in the major cities of the world. This trend is foreseen to eliminate vehicle traffic in urban centers.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe is also developing new projects in order to reduce the density in the center and to ease vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
For example…
25 plans to close Atatürk Caddesi, which has been turned into one-way traffic practice before, because of the fact that it can no longer carry vehicle traffic.
According to the project…
The street is closed to all motor vehicles except the tram line and is only left to pedestrians. The application aims to create a space for pedestrians in the city's shopping center.
At this point…
The question of which alternative route will be given to the traffic that is already congested against the metropolitan is the problem.
There is no alternative route for Atatürk Street traffic, which is used as the direction of direction from Çakırhamam to Cumhuriyet Area, ie Sculpture.
In that respect O
Even when the Atatürk Street traffic is stopped for ceremonies, almost all of the city's traffic problems arise.
According to the information in our ear, President Altepe proposed to work as a solution to the expert staff on the underground street.
The first step is to make the decision to take some streets to the underground with the new metro lines announced by 11 on April, which we announced for the first time when we hosted the program "Every Angle" on Event TV.

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