Big Tramway in Samsun Tram

Biggest negligence in Samsun Tram: Every day in Samsun, thousands of people were traveling on the tram. The question of whether there are other shortcomings on the trams that provide transportation are also considered.

In Samsun, thousands of people are using the vehicle or short-term travel for the citizens of the trams do not run away. The fire tube of the tram that is attached to our lens is not in place. This remarkable situation brings to mind the question of how and with what if a fire occurred in the tram. Who and how does it control the tram? What kind of action is taken in case of accidents? Or are pretexts instead of measures? There was no accident today. No loss of life. But there is no such thing as not tomorrow.

It is expected that the authorities will find a solution to this small but unforeseen accident.

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  1. These vehicles have fire extinguishing tubes in both machinist cabins. It may not be present at the moment in the passenger compartment.
    It could have been sent to change or to change.

    Please don't do this without investigating the actual situation.

  2. There is a definite and definite fire extinguishing device in the engineer cabinets in these vehicles.
    1. Why didn't you take a picture of the interior of the machinist cabin?
    3. Why didn't you share the reason why you didn't share it?
    4. Is the fire tube finished for the moment? Is he filling? Is there a problem? What is your purpose?
    5.Olaya your point of view is understood if you are not looking for news and ratings, please investigate and transfer it to the citizen UM
    Waiting for response…


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