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Beyoğlu Metro: With his grandchildren, Ve The collective opening of investments and services in Beyoğlu district Ve President Kadir Topbaş explained the projects made to the citizens around Beyoğlu and Haliç.


Together with his grandchildren, ı The Collective Opening of Investments and Services Made in Beyoğlu District ı Mayor Topbaş explained the projects made to the citizens around Beyoğlu and Haliç.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality ör The Opening and Promotion Ceremony of Investments and Services in Beyoğlu District ler was held with the participation of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş. Mayor Kadir Topbaş attended to the program together with his sons Hüseyin and Ömer Topbaş with his daughter Kübra Topbaş and his grandsons Kadir, Selim, Ali Emir, Mehmet Akif, Ahmet Faruk and Yusuf Taha. Beyoğlu Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan, Istanbul Deputy Markar Esayan, AK Party Beyoğlu District Organization and citizens took part in the ceremony.


Addressing the enthusiastic citizens who filled Kasımpaşa Square, Mayor Kadir Topbaş stated that he is proud to serve to Kasımpaşa and Beyoğlu where his infancy, childhood and youth passed and ğ . This year's investment budget is 13 billion liras. Today, we are launching 98 million pounds. We have a lot of investments that don't register here. All we have to do is to make our people happy. Our children are happy to live in this country. We're trying to prepare this. For this, our investment in all areas of Istanbul until the villages are not cut. We don't owe any money to the state or to a financial institution. We have money in our safe. In the past these sources should be questioned where they were going, why they could not serve. As the Mayor of Istanbul, we would like to thank you all for giving you the honor of serving you as the Mayor of Beyoğlu for a period of time. X


Mayor Topbaş recalled how the heliosity of the estuary of his childhood passed and how he cleaned it, cleaned the polluted streams in the past and accepted the open channel. Ere Our minds, the services we make not enough services. With the investment of Kurbağalıdere 370 million TL, this summer there will be a sea. They spoiled, we fixed and cleaned. We reopened the beaches. The rubbish stacks were over, we discovered a clean, air-free Istanbul. 'Everywhere subway metro everywhere' and we're saying that we're using iron nets in the bottom of Istanbul. Thousands of people are trying to serve under 24 watch based 3 watches. The future will be much different. Gelecek

To transform the water of the Golden Horn from the Bosphorus of the Bosphorus part of the Bosphorus and the Bosphorus brought water from the Bosphorus to the Golden Horn every day 265 thousand cubic meters of clean water that expresses the Mayor Topbas, will remove the current to remove the Unkapanı Bridge, said the tools. With the project coming to the tender stage, transfer from Kasımpaşa to Unkapanı will be provided directly under the sea. Topbaş stated that they gave electric and hooked historical boats to the sandals in the Golden Horn. Topbaş said, in Our historical boats such as gondolas on European canals are also We would like to have a touristic trip in the estuary turistik.


Speaking about projects related to Beyoğlu and the Golden Horn environment, İBB President Kadir Topbaş continued his words as follows; “One of the most important projects currently underway, we are making a walking path from Karaköy to Koç Museum. Floating road on the sea, 10 meters wide. 2 meters bicycle path 8 meters pedestrian path. We put the statue of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han on the beach, into the sea. It is a statue that was raised by the sea. When the tourists coming at the port of Karaköy come on foot, they can see the statue of Fatih here and take a photo. After coming up to the Koç Museum, we also make an ecological bridge there. You will walk through meadow grass and roses. There are two islands in front of Feshane. You will cross the Leonardo bridge through those islands in Golden Horn. We have developed and will make a small drawing by Leonardo da Vinci during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent. There will be a walking band crossing over to the end of the Golden Horn. From the other side of the Golden Horn, we will make the tram going from Eminönü by Fatih, Eyüp Sultan and Gaziosmanpaşa. We made the tender, the construction of the construction started at the moment. There will be a bicycle path with him. A job that will go up to Küçükköy. Which one should I count. Kabataş Square. It's a great challenge. 60 thousand square meters and traffic underground. The finicular will come there. The metro from Beşiktaş, coming from Mahmutbey, will come there and take that metro. KabataşWe will bring it to Salıpazarı, Karaköy and even under Şişhane. From there, it will be connected to Şişhane subway via a walking tunnel. Same time KabataşWhen you go to Üsküdar, you can walk under the sea if you want. Many more things. Under that square, a small bazaar, a museum with a car park and tour buses that come in front of Dolmabahçe Palace will park under it. We will not see any cars or buses outside. Sea transportation will be provided all around with modern piers. I am talking about the works that will be done all of them, the works of which have started. ”


Stating that one of the most important projects is the subway project from E5 starting from İncirli, President Kadir Topbaş said, “This line will come from Incirli to Bademli, and will meet with Perpa or Gayrettepe to pass to the other side. Ornektepe, Perpa I am talking about the metro that continues from that direction. After gayrettepe Kadıköywill switch to. We are developing the connections with the metro in all parts of Kasımpaşa ”.


Mayor Topbaş explained that they will turn the Haliç Shipyard, which is as old as the conquest of historic Istanbul, to the world's biggest science technology and innovation museum and the project is about to come to an end. The whole world will talk here and come here. Science and technology and innovation center. It is becoming an important center for our youngsters to come and guide the academicians who will come here to conduct scientific studies. The way to compete with the world is to follow these technologies, to keep up with them and to move forward. It was our ancestors that gave the best water to steel in the past. Geçmişte

Taksim square arrangement was completed to a great extent, this will be reorganized within the scope of the Istiklal Street, Taksim construction of the mosque continues in the Mayor Topbaş, Piyalepasa square arrangement and the construction of underground parking continues rapidly, he said. Reminding that the Tepebaşı car park was also renovated, Topbaş said that they were working on how to establish a transportation system in the direction of Okmeydanı from Şişhane and that the bureaucrats gave instructions to review the final plans.

After his speech, Mayor Kadir Topbaş, together with his grandchildren, Ahmet Misbah Demircan, Markar Esayan and young athletes, cut the ribbon and held the opening ceremony of the investments and services in Beyoğlu. Topbaş with the citizens for a while sohbet and took a souvenir photo.

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