Babadağ Ropeway Project Tender Done

Babadağ Ropeway Project Tender Project Done: The tender of the Babadağ Ropeway Project; Kirtur Tourism Construction Contracting Industry and Trade Limited Company, which offers annual 2 million 250 thousand pounds plus VAT plus 12,5 share of the annual revenue obtained from all facilities, excluding VAT.

Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Akif Arıcan, in his speech after the tender, ihale Fethiye 20 annual dream we realize. This is not the end result for us. We will continue to realize all our projects slowly. All of Fethiye to be beneficial un said.

The tender for the Babadağ cable car project, which received the SKYWALK Fethiye brand name, attracted great attention. Between the two companies participating in the tender was the fight. FTSO President Akif Arıcan, Vice President Günay Özütok, members of the Board of Directors Adnan Bakırcı, Gürsu Özdemir, Ömer Eriz and Halit Saraç.

The tender was conducted in a transparent manner

All security measures were taken by the security authorities. The tender in a transparent manner was followed by all members of the press in Fethiye. The tender was broadcasted live to the FTSO Assembly Hall for FTSO councilors and the public to watch live. A large number of councilors and people from Fethiye followed the very exciting tender from start to finish.

Two tenderers attended the tender

The tender of the Babadağ Ropeway Project, which received the SKYWALK-Fethiye brand name, started on 3 April 2017 with receipt of qualification envelopes at 9.00 in the morning. The clock continued with the 10.00 review of the companies. Tender commission; Retired bureaucrat İsmail Köksal, Av.Mustafa Enis Arıcan and Civil Engineer Selçuk Esiner. The tender commission first examined the information on qualification envelopes of the firms participating in the tender. Then the envelopes were opened. The information and documents in the tender specifications were examined. Then the contents of the documents were examined. Both companies participated in the tender were found to be sufficient.


The second part of the tender began at 15.00. The companies, which are found to be sufficient, have been invited by the tender commission in writing to quote the second stage of the tender. Companies set their bids as profit rate and submitted them to the tender commission in a closed envelope. The commission re-conducted the review of the first stage of the tender. Bids received. Kırtur Limited Company offers 5 per thousand; The Burkay-Walter partnership offered one in a thousand. The bids were increased orally after written proposals. While the Burkay-Walter partnership went to 3.05 in oral offers, Kırtur appeared on 3.1.

Finally, offers were re-written. In addition to the annual rent 2 million 250 thousand liras, the Burkay-Walter partnership won the tender for the Babadağ Teleferik project, which offers a share of 10.6 per cent of the total revenue of the plants, while offering a share of 12,5 per annum.

The tender was followed by the members of the press until the end of the contract, and was watched live in the FTSO Assembly Hall.

There are many more projects in our imagination and goals

Aktif Arıcan, President of FTSO who interrupted his speech from time to time, said that Fethiye won the tender and said: belir Today, we are thankful to Mr. Murat Bey and Kenan Bey for attending this project. It is a great honor for us to come and enter this tender in this environment where the country is located. This project is a window to the world. We hope to start the construction in the coming days as soon as possible by completing the project and we want to ensure that many more projects. I hope we will do it all together. Hopefully, we will see the end of this project at 2018 and we will go to Babadag together. There are many more projects in our imagination and goals. We will see that their tender has been done together with the economy of the region and the country. I just cried. My eyes came from age but these are tears of joy. We did it all together. We will live the happiness of bringing this project to our region. It was a long-term study. We have come to the end of this study as it is the end of every path. Let our investor be Allah's helper. I would like to thank the Chamber administration, our Chamber, our staff, the staff, all the people of Fethiye, and the good fortune, Bu he said.

The people of Fethiye

Murat Ağcabağ from Burkay Construction Company, in his speech wishing success to Kırtur Company Kır I say good luck to the company. In my opinion here is the people of Fethiye, who won the tourism. I hope we'll call next time we hope. D He said.

We became Fethiye

Kenan Kıran, one of the owners of Kırtur Company, expressed his feelings in his speech by saying that he was from Fethiye by taking the tender. Katılım We thank Murat Bey for his participation. At least two companies competed. We have increased the added value of Fethiye and the Chamber. In the end we became Fethiye. Sonunda