Alanya gets its cable car

Alanya ropeway: Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel, the ongoing work on the ropeway project by getting information about the latest situation received.

One of the most important projects of Alanya, the Teleferik Project continues uninterrupted work. Inspecting the works on-site, President Yücel visited the Park Bahçeler team for landscaping and landscaping in the area where the sub-station was established. President Yücel stated that the Damlataş region will be the center of attraction not only by the ropeway project but also by the landscaping and landscaping works to be done. Yucel; Ası Alanya's annual dream of 30 is about to happen. We conducted inspections in the field of landscaping and landscaping works prepared in the scope of the ropeway project. In addition to the added value that the Teleferik Project will add to our city, the Damlataş region will also be filled with landscape arrangements. T

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