Aksaray is getting the Kırşehir-Ulukışla railway line

Aksaray meets with Kırşehir-Ulukışla railway line: 86 km railway project with freight and passenger transportation starts

Aksaray Governor Aykut Pekmez: ayol Aksaray will be at an important point on the railway after the highway Aks

General Director of State Railways İsa Apaydın Governor Aykut Pekmez'i visited. Aksaray-Ulukışla Railway line project that provides information about the latest status of the General Manager Apertin Apaydin, drilling works continue to the end of 2017 after the tender of the first excavation of the project by the start of the excavation, he said.

AK Party Deputy Chairman of the Group İlknur İnceöz, Aksaray Deputy Cengiz Aydoğdu, Mustafa Serdengeçti, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Customs and Trade Cenap Aşcı, Aksaray Former Deputies During the visit, which was attended by the State Railways and Regional Directorates of the Regional Directorate of Highways, the last point reached in the railway project, which is of great importance for Aksaray, was evaluated.

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın Aksaray-Ulukışla said that they came to Aksaray to inform the site about the project and to inform the site on site.

- Cargo and passenger transportation will be made, Aksaray OIZ will be connected to

Transportation Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan's 2 month before the visit to the investment program discussed Aksaray Aksaya visit of the project, Kirsehir-Aksaray, Aksaray-Ulukisla stated that the work continued in the form of Apaydın: Haber Aksaray; Ulukışla-Lighters are connected. Drilling work was started with the lighter connection. Our goal is to finish the drilling work in 2-3 months. This is a very easy route. There are excavation, filling, culvert and underpasses on 86 km. Not a very difficult route, after the completion of the design works of art structures will be made in the construction bidding within the year. If our goal goes well, we're going to make the dig at the end of the year. Both freight and passenger transport will be made here with the fast connection of Aksaray Ulukışla. We will also make 8 km connection to OSB. We have a goal of downloading the loads of the OIZ to Mersin. Our work continues. I hope the results of Aksaray and hope that our country will be good, 'he said.

AK Party Group Deputy Chairman İlknur İnceöz said in his statement; He said that the railway project is a project that has been carried out since the year of 2004 with very serious efforts.

İnceöz stated that the project came to the point of hitting the digging after completing the field studies; Alıy Aksaray OSB is taking serious investments. It is very important for us to establish these connections with the northern corridor after the OSB investments reach the south line. This is a team work that we have been following from the 2004 given by our Government. I sincerely thank everyone who contributed to the realization of this dream, 'he said.

-Aksaray will give a great advantage

Governor Aykut Pekmez said in his statement that a significant public was added to the important investments of Aksaray in 15 year.

Vali Pekmez emphasizes that the Aksaray Railway Project is in a position to be made technically fast; Ecek I hope the construction will be done quickly. After the highway, Aksaray will come to an important point on the railway. Railway; very important in terms of freight and human transport. Especially when we consider the 500 hectare area to be added to the OIZ this year, it will give us a great advantage in reaching the first priority Mersin port and then the Samsun port. I think you will make important contributions to our province. We would like to thank our former and past attendees to the Ministry of Transportation on behalf of Aksaraylılar. K said.

TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınGovernor Aykut Pekmez who thanked for his visit and information; Müdür With the arrival of our General Manager here, he shows how much our ministry has owned this project and how desirous it is. We were very pleased with that. I hope for a good work for our country will be Aksaray. I would like to thank everyone who contributed.' he said.

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