Abdullah Peker Teams with Officials

Abdullah Peker, Authorized and Ineffective Union Officers mocked with: Officials of the Union of Transport and Railway Employees (UDEM HAK-SEN) President Abdullah Peker said that the unions entered the race of authority and suffered this by union members.

Peker made a statement in writing; ”For May 2017, unions have a delegation syndrome. The trade unions, which are currently competent in various business lines, are transferring the authority granted by the officers that they are members to either the pro-Parties or the Government by giving thousands of requests and incredible promises. I also think this is called explicit cash. This is clearly nothing more than ridicule of officers. Officers empower unions to protect their rights, raise their wages in the face of inflation in an age-appropriate and reasonable manner, but always produce empty results.


Now we ask the authorized but ineffective trade union. Whereas the difference in inflation in the previous years. at the same time three-month inflation has been 2017 How would this figure be up to the end of the year?

Gentlemen, you're a shame to the officers. We have repeatedly stated that the trade unions will be politicized and will create weaknesses. As a result, the trade unions were three zero defeats against the government in the negotiations they went to for collective bargaining. We also saw five zero defeats in the collective contract table, this year and next year there will be no different view. The political government will come to the negotiating table with a thousand excuses and forget the promises they gave in the squares before the elections and condemn them to poverty again. The fact that we cannot digest is the fact that the officers have condemned the authority taken from the officers to the percentage of hike between the two lips of the merciless power by highlighting the incompetence or other personal accounts.

As Udem Hak-Sen, we have always been sensitive to civil servant affairs and country affairs. In poverty, officials who have mortgaged their future on the banks will neither benefit themselves nor benefit the country.

We demand that the politicians, especially the government, raise an amount of TL 2017, which was urgently watched for officials in July 400. To some extent, they should ensure that our employees breathe comfortably. This will be an accrual of rights that are not granted retrospectively, which will not be a grant or a donation. Severance pay should not be touched, while the employees are sentenced to misery, while living in the retirement period, hikes should be made within the framework of life and country facts. ” said



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