Reducing TCDD Basic Fee Groups from 5 to 3

Reduction of TCDD Basic Wage Groups from 5 to 3: As you know as UDEM HAKSEN, as you know, as a result of our intense efforts, the article 39 of the Collective Agreement, "The basic wage groups related to the contracted personnel positions working in SOEs under the Legislative Decree No. 399 31/1/2016 Work will be done on rearrangement until the date. " We had made the decision.

We did not pursue this issue as a union and we made necessary attempts in the DPB to make the necessary arrangements and a draft was drafted in the DPB.

In this context, what is the draft for our valued members and how was the wage regulation in SEEs?

Generally TCDD Personnel (KIT Contracted Personnel) Wage System

TCDD contracted personnel (SOE contracted personnel) are employed subject to Decree Law 399. According to this Decree, contracted personnel receive a contract fee consisting of the basic wage, success wage and seniority wage. Apart from this, payments can be made for some separate items such as additional payments and foreign language compensation.

Success fee, basic wage and foreign language compensation are determined at rates based on basic wage. Therefore, increases in basic wages are reflected in other items. The basic fee is determined by the decisions of the High Planning Council (YPK) upon the proposal of DPB.

What's New?

Three innovations draw attention in the draft:

Basic wage groups are reduced from 5 to 3

-The geographical situation of the business place will be taken into consideration in calculating the basic wage,

- the risk of work, such as geographic situation, will be taken into account in the basic wage calculation.
For example, as a union, we mean that groups fall from 5 to 3:

The 1.Grand will remain intact, 2. Group 1. Group and 3. Group 2. Shift to group; other remaining 4. and 5. groups are 3. and will be shaped as the last group.

As a result of the efforts of our union, for the realization of our demand, 3 has completed the critical phase 2 and the approval of the final decision of the YPK, which is the final stage, has been approved. The living conditions of TCDD personnel are in the middle and the salary is below the poverty limit of 90.

As the union, we declare that we will be the followers of this issue in public and demand the Council of Ministers to re-adopt the YKP decision as soon as possible.

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