President Altepe announces his goal, all of the rail system will be underground

President Altepe announces his goal, all of the rail system will be underground

When we look back to the recent past, we recall that: In the 1989 and 1994 local elections, Bursa was the first issue of air pollution. Transportation for the first time in the selection of 1994 was second.
After that…
1999, 2004, 2009, 2014 was the first choice for local elections as an emergency.
Today too…
Despite the crossroads and the boulevards, the problem of transportation continues to be the urgent solution for Bursa.
We saw the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe in his program published every Friday night at the Olay TV in order to solve this growing problem with the city.
At this point…
In Traffic in any metropolitan city in the world is not solved above ground, the ground is now overwhelming,, Altepe said.
Cak Bursa will be reached by rail system by making underground tunnels if there is any region where the population is densely gathered. In other words, all new metro lines will be underground. Yani
Yeterli The metro tunnels are not enough either. Therefore, in some regions we will make tunnels where cars will pass underground. I mean, we're going to take the streets underground with tunnels like the subway.,
Underground tunnels are a customary method, but underground streets are a new concept.
Altepe President Altepe he explained the new target, in some places the surface of the ground under a certain method of drilling tunnels will be opened, in some places will work with the on-off method, he said.
He also gave the following information on the latest status of the new project:
Uz We are currently preparing projects. After completing these, permits will be obtained for the open-close tunnels in some areas and will begin immediately. Bunlar

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