Turkey full trust of international investors in Bursa

Turkey trust of international investors in Bursa Full: Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), the international firms with investments in Bursa senior executives with the participation of honorary consul in the city, 'the Foreign Eyes Bursa and Turkey Economy' was held the meeting. Speaking at the meeting, the participants, while the city and expressed their confidence in the future of the country, BCCI Vice President Cuneyt Sen also "gained always confident investors to Turkey," he said.

BTSO, the roof organization of Bursa business world, continues to take important steps to contribute to the economy. of honorary consuls with representatives of the international investment company located in Bursa for foreign investors within the scope of the meeting, which brought together Bursa and Turkey pickings were discussed. Cüneyt Şener, who stated that Bursa is hosting important investments including automotive, machinery and textile industry, which contributed significantly to the economy of the country. Bursa has reached today's strong structure. Bursa how many successes we have built together so far, we will reach our next targets by giving shoulder to shoulder again, "he said.

”We will raise the perception of trust İZ

Vice President Cuneyt Sener, 'If Bursa magic Turkey Magic's belief that strengthening the hands of outside investors, but also underlined that they expect all the people and the support of institutions with international lobbying power to make a host of new investors. Sener, a strong economy after the referendum in April 16, more powerful Turkey said they believe they will capture an increasing growth performance with the motto. As BTSO, Şener stated that they have carried out important projects in order to strengthen the hands of the companies in Bursa and to encourage them to invest in new investments. We will lay the foundation of TEKNOSAB, the symbol of the new industrial revolution, in the coming months. Bursa, especially for national and international investors will continue to assume the TEKNOSAB lokomotiflig Turkey, "he said.


top executives of the companies who attended the meeting on behalf of Bursa and Turkey shared their economic assessment.

Isı I think the work of the BTSO and the meeting held today are very useful for international companies, u said Pasi Makinen, Senior Vice President of Componenta. Turkey's international investment expressing it in a very attractive area of ​​the machine, "Demand and taking our suggestions on further development point of the existing relationship that I think is very important, I thank the BCCI for this meeting," he said.


The meeting that took place at Vincenzo Cusolito, the R & D Director of TOFAŞ, stated that the meeting was very productive. BTSO acts as a bridge for the development of the city and the city economy. We follow the work of the Chamber, we make continuous contributions and quality contributions to Bursa alar.

Bursagaz General Manager Markus Rapp said that he loved Bursa and said ederek We are very pleased with the developments in Bursa. We need to expand our city to grow our business. In this context, meetings held under the leadership of BTSO are of great importance. Bu Referring to the importance of the ideas came together Rapp, "The resulting messages will continue to provide greater added value to Bursa and Turkey in line," he said.

BTSO's Board of Directors, Fahrettin Gülener, participated in the meeting held at the Altiparmak Service Building.

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