Wagon Repair Factory Is Getting Something Finally

Wagon Repair Factory: Something is finally happening: Malatya's destroyed industrial dream ın Wagon Repair Factory (VOF) “in the scope of Disaster Shelter Systems Factory project to be evaluated. Kerem Kinik, found in investigations.

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Our captain, the Turkish Red Crescent President Dr.Kerem Kinik, VOF'ta thought to be evaluated in the direction of a project of the institution, but made a statement on the outcome of the investigation was not made.


The news of the Anadolu Agency is as follows:

Kerem Kinik, Chairman of the Turkish Red Crescent, stated that they are planning to implement the rik Disaster Shelter Systems Factory hay in Malatya.

In Malatya, Sümer Holding Inc., which was completed in 1989'de Wagon Repair Factory, which is in the review, then the AA correspondent, made statements.

Kınık stated that they would like to convert this factory to ın Disaster Shelter Systems Factory, and stated that they aim to create more qualified, high capacity, very fast housing systems for disasters.

Kınık said, yenilikçi These housing systems will be an innovative solution center that will provide an operational model with a system integration and not only one production, but also with the management of solid wastes, providing the energies in an integrated way, the treatment of drinking and waste water. We continue our work on this. Bun

- "Turkey will serve inside and outside"
This investment Kınık stating they plan to do with the Turkish Red Crescent and private partnerships, "This will serve to point needed to shelter inside and outside Turkey." He said.

Kerem Kınık said, “Our goal is to provide Turkey with a national disaster and shelter systems capacity first. kazanto contribute to the employment mobilization. In addition, to establish a disaster shelter systems production capacity that can provide solutions to different parts of the world for organizations such as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the Organization for Migration, the Red Cross and humanitarian aid organizations.” said.

- - To live in humane conditions -
Kınık said that the biggest human tragedy after the Second World War took place and that the 65 million people live in need of shelter and shelter from their homes. Kınık, said:

"Our brother 3 million in Turkey found a place to put his head in 26 AFAD camp, but now our southern border, thousands of people in the approximate location 6 500 million internal refugees in Syria. 400 camp in the 700 camp in the Idlib countryside. 4-5 in Azez 300 thousand people live in tents for years. Such people need to make similar investments in order to live in human conditions..

Kınık, Malatya Governor's Office related to the investment, Euphrates Development Agency and Customs and Trade Minister Bülent Tüfenkci said that the consultation continues.

Explaining the feasibility study for the factory, Kınık said: ı With the work, the monthly 2 bin can be produced. These will be container type prefabricated, mild steel or composite materials. Not only disaster-based, but the defense industry and mass housing needs will be created with different building techniques to quickly resolve housing will be. Ve he said.

Source: malatyahaber.com

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