Solution for Bursa's Traffic is Underground

📩 16/12/2018 16:54

Solution for Bursa's Traffic is Under the Ground: Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, who made evaluations about the transportation system in Bursa at the April council meeting, announced that they will relieve the traffic by taking the rail system under the Yıldırım stage and the streets in the following investments.

The regular council meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality took place in April at the city hall on the Ankara Road. The meeting, headed by the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, began after the moment of silence and prayer for the soldiers killed in the helicopter crash in Tunceli. At the beginning of the meeting, President Altepe, 30 April in Çanakkale Kireçtepe will take place at the commemoration meeting of Bursa Çanakkale martyrs invited all the council members. At the Assembly meeting, municipal council and specialization commissions were elected as members.

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, in his speech in parliament, the traffic shortage in Bursa 'will be maintained under the underground' alternative transportation investments will be resolved, he said. Traffic investments '2010 signed in accordance with the contract' German Dr. According to the reports written by the company Brenner Altepe, rail systems will go under the ground, again under the main streets will create the underground. President Altepe stressed that Bursa will experience a new breath in transportation with the Yildirim subway and said, ay There is a great difficulty in parking at Yıldırım. There is no solution if you do parking in the district. Inadequate roads to prevent the parked in this region was decided to go underground underground. Transportation Altem Altepe, which will take place under the direction of BursaRay Yildirim stage officially said later, similar investments will be applied for the streets, he said. Noting that it is not possible to eliminate the traffic distress by tire wheeled systems, President Altepe said, ı The solution is the spread of rail systems and public transportation culture. After that, a significant portion of the rail systems will be underground. Some streets will also be included in this application. Our goal is to breathe life into the city in a meaningful way, anlam he said.

”Earthquake action must be taken“
President Altepe, in the meeting, also touched upon the earthquake hazard in Bursa. In his speech President Altepe emphasized that all structures made before 2000 should be subjected to an absolute transformation and that risky structures must be transformed in absolute terms. It needs to be acted upon without losing time. The structure of this city should be renewed and we should become healthier against the earthquake. Bu President Altepe, in his statement, the number of sites applying to the parliament for conversion also included. 112 site has received approval from the Assembly until now, reminding that the 44 site is in the approval phase, President Altepe, N God forbid, there is nothing to talk after the earthquake. We don't have a face to go to the destroyed areas. As Metropolitan Municipality, we are determined to finalize all efforts for transformation. We are ready to facilitate the demands of our residents and neighborhoods on this issue land.

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