11 free public transport in Urfa on April

bulk transport in urfa
bulk transport in urfa

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality by the 11 April Liberation Activities to participate in the 11 April Independence Day for free, the public transport is free.

11 April 97. By the Metropolitan Municipality; 9 April 2017, for the demonstration of the Turkish Stars on Sunday, at the Old Airport; 1. A free bus will be removed at 12.00 from the front of the Collection Center (Rear of Finance) and the Office of the Governor of Eyüp.


11 April 97. 10 April and 11 will be free of charge for public transport throughout the day to ensure access to all events in the city on April.


On Monday, 10 will be going on the Halo-Ur Rahman Lake Plateau and going to Rabia Square. Public, civil society organizations and the future of Turkey will be held in the presence of participants from many walks of Rabia Square in procession stops at the Opening Program will take place April 11. Mehteran and Folk Dance Show and many events will be held in the evening during the evening of the evening event will be presented to the public.

On Tuesday, April, the salvation ceremony and a talk will be held at M. Akif İnan Conference Hall. In the evening, Mehteran and Folk Dance Show team will perform in Rabia Square. Then the folk artist ZARA will be the meeting with Şanlıurfalılar. Artist Zara will add color to the Independence Activities with her beautiful ballads and works.

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