Izmir will be the logistics center of the region

İzmir will be the logistics center of the region: The first of the investments that will make the city one of the most important logistics bases of the world, the works to enlarge the Alsancak Port, the second is the Çandarlı Port project and the third is the establishment of the logistics villages.

Izmir, which is one of the oldest settlements in the world with a history of nearly 8 years, has been known as a port city throughout history. The port, which was built by Sultan Abdülaziz in 500 and operated by the French during the Ottoman period, became the gateway of Anatolia to the world. Dozens of products brought from the inner parts of the Aegean with camel caravans were loaded on ships and went to France, England and even the USA. Later, with the rails laid up to Aydın, Söke, Nazilli and Manisa, logistics movements started to shift to the railways. Over time, the commercial activity in the port reached such dimensions that İzmir port was able to catch up with the trade volume it reached in the 1875s only in 1800, a century later. İzmir's location has made it an important logistics center throughout history.


Some new projects and ongoing investments will make İzmir one of the world's leading logistics bases in the medium term. Investments that will make İzmir one of the important logistics centers can be divided into three groups. The first of these is the expansion of Alsancak Port, some of which will be completed this year. The second is the North Aegean Çandarlı port project, which was put out to tender recently. The third one is logistic villages, the number of which is planned to be established around Izmir, up to three.


The Ministry of Transport continues to invest in Alsancak Port with a total value of 300 million dollars in order to regain competitiveness. Investments will be completed by 2019. Approximately 200 million lira will be spent for the project. When the investments are completed, the capacity of the Izmir port will exceed 1 million TEU from today's 3 million TEU container. Thus, İzmir will take its place among the top 5 ports of Europe. The port will be among the top 2019 largest ports in the Mediterranean, with a cargo volume of 3 million TEU to reach at the end of 10. When the investment is complete, the port will be transformed into two independent ports, one being a container and the other a cruise ship.

Watch out for these areas!

Organized industrial zones (OIZ) and two free zones operating in Izmir have an important place in Izmir's export and employment. Aliağa, Bergama, Kemalpaşa OIZs and the Aegean and İzmir Free Zones will be the most strategically important regions in İzmir in 10 years with the planning made.

While Aliağa and Bergama OIZs attracted the attention of the whole world in the field of renewable energy and chemical industry, Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone, located at the starting point of the İzmir-İstabul Highway, started to meet with logistics companies. On the other hand, the Izmir Free Zone, which has become the center of attention of foreign investors, continues to meet with new foreign investors.

The Aegean Free Zone, which will gain an additional $ 2 billion in trade volume with the expansion area, has started to negotiate with new investors for the expansion area. Economic circles state that these regions will fly Izmir and the region in the investment and employment figures in the next 10 years.

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