If everything is perfect in Marmaray, why did the worker Fatih die?

If everything is all four in Marmaray, why is the worker Fatih dead: The Minister of Transport, who answered the question about the work murder, argued that everything was four in Marmaray, but did not answer how the worker died.

Replying to the motion of Fatih Uysal who lost his life while trying to repair the malfunction in Marmaray, Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications, argued that everything was duly and the controls were complete. However, he left unanswered the question of how Uysal died.

Fatih Uysal, 27, who worked as a worker in a subcontractor company in Marmaray, lost his life when he repaired a fault allegedly caused by water leakage in the tunnel on 20 September 2016. CHP Istanbul deputy Didem Engin carried the matter to the Parliament and asked the Minister of Transport Arslan to answer the question. In response to the Minister's question, he argued that a specific water leak in land tunnels built with TBM and NATM methods was considered normal in international standards.

Stating that the tools and equipments used in Marmaray and the clothes are suitable for the health and safety of the workers, Arslan said that the necessary inspections were made completely.

While the water injection work was cut off the energy on the line, Uysal's electricity from the panel in the tunnel, indicating that the Minister Arslan, how the incident took place and did not answer questions about why Uysal lost his life.

In Arslan's response, Uysal, who lost his life, said that he was not a “subcontractor,, but an el employee of the company through the purchase of services for repair”, and the question “Does the Minister not know the definition of the subcontractor?

In his reply, the original contract value of the Marmaray Project was $ 860 million, while the total cost of the project was $ 1.750 billion. The reason for the increase in costs was the archaeological remains uncovered during the studies.

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