Veysi Kurt, Food Service Company

Veysi Kurt, Company Providing Food Service on Trains: General Director Veysel Kurt; He made inspections at YHT and the company's workshop serving food on conventional trains.

Kurt received information from the company officials during the review; TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş., which was established with the beginning of the competition period in railway transportation, emphasized that it took everything from a to z in order to increase the service quality in the outline, YHT and regional trains. - the quality of the beverage service. We attach importance to the audit at every stage in order to provide the service in accordance with the requests of our passengers and to fulfill them in the best way. Today we made inspections at the company's workshop. We will also examine our trains. Our goal is to provide the best way to satisfy the taste and hygiene and presentation of the food and beverage service that turns the journey into pleasure. I'm also happy to see that this is happening here. I would like to thank the company executives and staff. Şirket

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