URAYSİM Project Kıraç Field

URAYSİM Project Kıraç Alana Kaymalı: CHP Eskişehir deputy Utku Çakırözer, the National Rail Systems Center (URAYSİM) project on the Alpu Plain, declared as Agricultural Site has brought the agenda of the Assembly. Called the government to prevent the damage of the fertile land of Alpulu farmers to the project, Çakırözer said, az Do not kill the fertile soil of Alpu Alp.

CHP Eskişehir deputy Utku Cakirozer, Agricultural Lands were declared on the Alpu Plain National Rail Systems Center (URAYSIM) project on the agenda of the Parliament, the Alpine farmers to prevent damage to the project has called for the efficient lands of the farmers. Çakırözer, olac We believe that URAYSİM project will benefit Eskişehir. However, it should be established on arid areas instead of fertile plots. Ancak


Cakirozer, Alpu Bozan, Çardakbaşı and Yeşildon living in the neighborhood by the demands of farmers living in the agenda brought to the agenda. Cakirozer in his speech at the Assembly, URAYSIM instead of fertile agricultural land on more arid, unused land was expressed as the request;

"141 lowland agricultural sites in Turkey (Great Plain) was declared. Alpu Ovamız, the wheat store of Anatolia, is now in the Great Plain. The International Rail Systems Center project (URAYSİM), which will be established to improve the potential of Eskişehir in the field of rail systems within the Anadolu University, is built on the fertile soil of our Alpu Plain. During my visits to the region, the farmers shared their grievances with me. I am a person who believes that URAYSİM will make a significant contribution not only to Eskişehir but also to our country to increase to a competitive level in the field of rail systems. However, if this project is founded on fertile agricultural lands, Bozan and surrounding neighborhoods will have hundreds of farmers and will affect the efficiency of our Alpu Plain. In order to avoid such a victimization, we should put URAYSİM on more arid, unused land. Let's not end up on Alpu's fertile soil. I call on government officials and Eskişehir MPs in the ruling party to be sensitive to this demand. Hükümet


Çakırözer met with citizens in Alpu's Bozan neighborhood at the weekend as part of the referendum work. Sharing his appeal with the parliament in order to prevent the destruction of Alpu's fertile land, Çakırözer also shared his views on the constitutional package. Cakirozer, ler In this package you farmers, laborers, puppies are not the only problems related to the troubles and problems. If the package passes, any decision will come out of one person's two lips. We oppose it, 'No' we say, we want your support, "he said.

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