Unofficial Level Crossings Closed

Unofficial Level Crossings Closed in Batman: State Railways (DDY) made an application to our Municipality in Batman to determine the unofficial crossings and to close the road for traffic.

In order to prevent traffic accidents and to ensure the flow of traffic in series, DDY Branch Branch made a request to the Municipality and asked for the closure of unofficial transit sites.

Directorate of Science Affairs teams of Batman Municipality evaluating the demand of the GDY on site, Fatih Mahallesi 3206. Street TPAO (Turkey Petrol Corporation) opened the way to the Boulevard was closed to traffic completely.

It was stated that the drivers could use alternative routes as a result of the closure of the route, which is not the official pass of the DDY.

DDY'nin Kine Em Park in front of the road ahead with the traffic to the drivers in a healthier environment, allowing the transportation of the negative accidents will be prevented will be prevented. |

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