Turkish-Transportation You, the Mechanic Regulation to the Judiciary

Turkish-Transportation You, the Mechanic Regulation to the Judiciary: Turkish-Transport Union, published in the Official Gazette 31.12.2016 date and 29935 published in the Regulation of Train Engineer;

- Train 8 with the suspension and cancellation of the driver's license. of 1. The phrase son suspends the validity of the license indefinitely askı in the last sentence of subparagraph a
- 8. of 1. The phrase hl suspended license ”in the sub-paragraph b,
- 8. of 2. the incomplete arrangement specified in
- 9 with the renewal of a train engineer's license. of 1. the sub-paragraph of paragraph a,
- 11 with general information about the train engineer. of 4. Of paragraph
- 16 with the validity of train engineer's badge. of 3. the incomplete arrangement specified in
- 16. of 5. the incomplete arrangement specified in
- 16. of 6. Of paragraph
- The 17 with the completion of the work of the train engineer. of 2. the alan copy kopy of sub-paragraph (a) and a yer copy of a in paragraph b;
- 17. of 3. Of paragraph
- 21 with train engine operating hours. eri except for the delivery and receipt of the train end in the sub-clause a,

27 2017 on the date of 10 February 2017 with the request for cancellation and cancellation. The case was sued by 433 / XNUMX.

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