TÜDEMSAŞ will increase its wagon and bogie range

TÜDEMSAŞ will increase the type of wagons and bogies it manufactures: TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan stated that they are planning to produce all types of 2019 type wagons and three types of bogies by 12.

Turkey Railway Machines Industry (TÜDEMSAŞ) as well as well-developed mass production of next-generation products will also continue their short short-term projects. said the largest freight car they found the manufacturer of TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager in Turkey Yildiray Koçarsl that, far from design to production to 2019 year will be domestic in all aspects 12 types of wagons and three types were planning to do the bogie mass production, he said. Koçarslan also stated that they have done some studies for the wagon and bogie production they have already produced. Lan We have received the Certificate of Mutual Operability Technical Conditions (TSI) for four types of wagons and two types of bogie Bun.

Highlighting the fact that they are in a position to compete with the brands in the global market with their projects and developed wagons, Yıldıray Koçarslan said that they increased their locality rate to 85. Koçarslan said that they are preparing to download the new generation freight wagons, which are completely domestic, from design to production. Noting that in addition to the new generation wagons that are on the production line of TÜDEMSAŞ, they will start to produce new wagons in the short term. Koçarslan said that the new products will be seen on the tracks in the medium and long term.

Koçslan stated that one of the products mentioned is Sgmmnss container wagons. N One of the most preferred container wagons in railway transportation, this wagon will be able to carry 20, 30, 40 and 45 feet. The carrying capacity of the wagon with the 17 tone tariff will be found in the 73 tone. The 87 cubic meter Zans type cistern wagon has also been developed for the transportation of light petroleum products. This product also has the capacity to carry 65 tons and a new wagon taşıma.

On the other hand, Habbiinss type aluminum sliding wagon conveys that TÜDEMSAŞ has another R & D work that is under way. to carry. The 63 tonnage can be carried with the HNSX ton load with the Habbiinss wagon. Koçaslan said that the Uagoos wagon with 800 tons of tariffs demanded by the logistics companies to use for grain transportation is also underway.

Providing information about the existing products, Mr. Yasaray Koçarslan said, S Talns-type ore transport wagons, which are started to be produced at the end of 2015 with Rgns and Sgns type platform wagons, which were started to be produced in the year of 2016 in TÜDEMSAŞ, are the prominent products in the market. In line with the needs of the sector in 2016, the mass production of the Sgns wagon 17.4 tonnage, the Rgns wagon, which continues production this year, is among the lightest wagons of its class in Europe with the 20.5 tone tariff. X Koçslan explained that container transportation can be done with Rgns type wagon and said: “This wagon is also designed to carry many different loads such as long and flat products and pipes. ”Rnns type freight car, which is completely domestic, is an innovative product with different loading scenarios and integrated bogie brake system Tamamen.
Zacens type wagon will start mass production

On the other hand, he said, 2016 will produce 300 pieces from the Talns type ore wagon, which can be opened and closed at the end of 100. Kapan The automatic and openable top and side covers of this wagon were manufactured from aluminum in order to lighten the wagon. Pneumatic systems used in the wagon, 78 domestic production, "he said. Z Zacens type heated cistern wagon, which will start mass production this year, is in the process of certification, ift said Koçarslan. “Zacens type wagon designed to carry heavy petroleum products such as tar, bitumen, bitumen, has a capacity of XNUMX cubic meters. Like other new generation freight wagons, this wagon is lighter and more innovative than other tank wagons in its class. Bu

Koçarslan said that the new generation of wagons they produced also benefited from the investor. Yatırım 40 year is the average operating life of a wagon. kısyasl working in the railway network in Turkey we have developed a new generation of the same type as the previous generation wagon freight wagons, in an advantageous position in terms of business. In particular, the light weight of the wagons allows the transportation of more cargo. Considering the long-term economic gain, the new generation of freight wagons can pay off their costs several times over their operating life. Bu

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