Truckers at YSS Bridge Increased Costs and Towards Vapura

Truckers in the YSS Bridge Increased Costs Vapura Headed: In previous periods, the trucks passing over the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge with the increase in costs with the bridge and preferred to turn to the car ferry line.

For those who are intermediaries, crossing the bridge is often starting to push the budget, so some alternatives are starting to be used. 3 is one of the most important transportation routes of the Bosphorus. The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge started to bring various effects to Istanbul traffic. In this process, a new arrangement was made especially for truck drivers to pass through this point and not to affect traffic negatively. It has been learned that the new bridge has recently started to operate in Istanbul.

Vehicle drivers were positively affected, while truck drivers were not as satisfied as vehicle drivers. With the aim of the truck traffic to be carried out through the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the drivers were allowed to do much more than they expected. In the process, truck drivers were found to have made a much longer route than expected. Truck drivers' budget began to be challenged in the face of this situation, which increased fuel costs in a direct proportion. After the hikes in the bridge fees after the unexpected hikes in the new alternative options were started to be searched for.

Instead of passing the bridge to reduce the cost of truckers, Harem started to prefer the ferry boats on the Sirkeci line. Although they are often prohibited from entering the roads and using other roads, the fact that trucks entered the Bosphorus traffic brought some risks, but drew attention.

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