Tram In Istanbul Slammed In A Commercial Taxi

Tram struck in Istanbul Commercial Taxi: In the Fatih district of Istanbul, the tram hit the tram from the alley. Two of the 3 passengers inside the car stuck in the impact. Firefighters pulled out stuck passengers. Injured driver and 3 passengers were taken to the surrounding hospitals.

19.50 ranks at the time of the accident occurred in a region close to Fatih Cemberlitas stop. The driver of the 3 TFP 34 platter taxi with 40 passengers wanted to come back and cross the tram. Meanwhile, Eminonu in the direction of the tram to Aksaray direction, hit a taxi from behind.

Under the effect of the impact, two women, one woman in the front and one in the back, are stuck in the vehicle. Thereupon, the fire crews were reported. Firefighters from the scene, pulled out passengers trapped in the vehicle. Meanwhile, the taxi driver and the passenger sitting behind him were also injured.

The wounded, ambulances from the surrounding hospitals removed from the scene.

Tramways from Eminönü to Aksaray returned to normal.

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