Stress Management and Anger Management Training for Public Transport Drivers in Antalya

Stress Management and Anger Control Training for Public Transport Drivers in Antalya: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, which has completed the conversion from revolutionary minibus to bus in public transportation, is now training 1106 public transport drivers. Drivers will be provided with training on “quality and efficiency in service, public relations and education, stress management, anger control, morale and motivation”.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, signed an exemplary application for the public transport sector by throwing in Turkey, in the city center "2 van 1 bus conversion" by performing nude, it provides public transport service to be provided at more comfortable and modern buses. With the increasing number of buses every day, the city's transport system further strengthens the Metropolitan Municipality, to improve the quality of public transport, public transport vehicles more effective and accurate communication with passengers to ensure that the public transport vehicles in the 1106 driver for the training program is organized. The program will be held at 27-28-29 March 2017 to provide trainers with training on verimlilik quality and efficiency in service, public relations and training, stress management and anger control, morale and motivation verimlilik.

Citizen satisfaction

Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department said in a statement; Mak We continue our 2015 and 2016 professional training activities in 2017 in order to improve the service quality in public transportation and to offer more comfortable travel services for our citizens. We carefully evaluate complaints and suggestions from our citizens regarding our drivers in public transport and we strive to provide better service to our passengers. Within the scope of the trainings we have organized in order to increase the satisfaction of the citizens and to reduce the complaints about the vehicle drivers; We aim to strengthen the communication between our drivers and our passengers, to provide a more tolerant and more friendly ride service. ş



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