Traffic in Istanbul, Istanbul

Traffic arrangement in Istanbul Street in Bursa: City square - Due to the installation of the Küçükbalıklı Bridge bridge between the period of 22 and 24 between 22.00 and 06.00 times, it will be closed to the city center in the direction of city center.

Kent Square-Terminal (T2 Line) Rail system line construction work is carried out on the route between the K2 Bridge prefabricated beam installation work on the route between 22 - 24 March 2017 dates 22: 00-06: 00 hours, Istanbul Street; It will be completely closed to vehicle traffic in the direction of the city center from the separation of the Peripheral Road. Drivers will be able to use the European Council Boulevard as an alternative route.

Drivers are required to comply with urban speed limits and to have a controlled journey, to be careful and sensitive in the routes of study, to comply with traffic signs and markers, and to prefer alternative routes indicated by information signs.

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