The Heart of Tourism Beats in Tünektepe

The Heart of Tourism Beats in Tünektepe: The Sarısu-Tünektepe cable car line, which was opened officially on February 11 with the slogan of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality with the motto 'Your feet will be cut off from the ground', offers an insatiable view at a height of meters to its visitors.

Citizens show great interest to the Sarısu-Tünektepe cable car line built by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, which costs about 15 million liras. Tünektepe is flooded with visitors. Foreign tourists from different countries also show great interest in the Sarısu-Tünektepe cable car line, which is visited by approximately 50 thousand people in a month. Visitors who reach Tünektepe, 650 meters high from Sarısu by cable car in 8,5 minutes, meet the food and drink needs from the rich menu, while enjoying the view of Antalya with a magnificent view, taking photos and taking photos. .

The cable car operator of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality ANET Inc. Vice President Erdem Çölkuş of the project, noting that at the beginning of the cheapest cost of the cable car in Turkey, "the line length of 1706 meters, consists of 36 cabins. 1200 people per hour can reach Tünektepe from Konyaaltı Sarısu with 650 altitude in as short as 9 minutes. ” he spoke.

Noting that there is an intense interest in Tünektepe, Erdem Çölkuşu explained that 50 percent of the 20 thousand visitors visiting the cable car are foreign tourists.

Çölkuşu said, “Recently, tourists have a great interest and intense demands. Tourism agencies are meeting intensely and asking for prices from us. They want to collaborate with us for the summer period. We are working on this. The heart of tourism will beat here. Visitor numbers show that demand will increase with the arrival of summer. We prepare our work accordingly. Thanks to this project, a new destination has been brought to Antalya tourism, he said.