Logistics Center is established in Tekirdağ

📩 16/12/2018 16:24

Logistics Center is established in Tekirdag: Trakya Development Agency and TCDD together with the establishment of Logistics Center in Tekirdag and the Center of Integration of Freight Centers to the Rail Transport System in the service building was held in the service building of Thrace Development Agency.

In the meeting held at the Board of Directors meeting of the Board of Directors of Trakya Development Agency, Kadir Albayrak, Mayor of Tekirdag Metropolitan Municipality, and General Directorate of Thrace Development Agency Mahmut Şahin, TCDD 1 Regional Director Nihat Aslan, Deputy Director Nihat Meriçli and 1. Regional Modernization Manager Yılmaz Acar and Süleymanpaşa Municipality officials participated. The issues related to the urban development and zoning legislation related to the logistics center, which were planned to be formed during the negotiations, were discussed. During the talks, TCDD officials requested cooperation between the authorities of Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality and Süleymanpaşa Municipality in order to show the appropriate place in the location of the logistics center and to obtain the necessary permits. The establishment of a logistics center with the Asyaport Port, which was commissioned last year in Tekirdağ, has become a necessity to be integrated into the railway network.

The meeting ended with the decision to reunite the institutions that are party to the establishment of logistics center in the coming period.

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