Swiss train derailed, 7 injured

As a result of the derailment of the passenger train from Milan, Italy to Basel, Switzerland, 7 of the passengers on the train were injured.

It was learned that 7 people were slightly injured in the train accident that occurred in Lucerne, Switzerland.

According to the statement made by the Swiss Railways, the 4th and 5th wagons in the train knee were overturned as a result of the derailment of the “Eurocity” train from Milan, Italy to Basel.

After the event, the total 2 passengers in the train's 160 wagon came out of the wagons by their own means.

It was learned that the Italian Railways Trenitalia company was derailed from Lucerne station shortly after departure.

7 people injured in the accident was removed to hospitals, announced that the train was canceled in the region.

An investigation was launched in relation to the incident.



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