Good news of the metro and cable car line to Büyükçekmece

In the speech he made in the program organized by the AK Party Büyükçekmece District Presidency of the metrobus line up to Silivri said they are working for the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbas, Büyükçekmece metro and gave the teleferik line good news.

Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) met with non-governmental organizations and opinion leaders in the program organized by AK Party Büyükçekmece District Directorate within the scope of 16 April Referendum works. Mayor Kadir Topbaş, as well as members of the council, representatives of non-governmental organizations, opinion leaders and many citizens attended the consultation meeting. Making a speech within the scope of the program that the citizens showed great interest, Topbas gave the gospel to the people of Büyükçekmece.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Topbaş, stating that they are more concerned with how we can serve more, 2017'ın reached the end of the total investment in Istanbul will be 115 billion, he said.
. We don't print money, but we appreciate the money. We opened flowers on the walls in this town. We are interconnecting Istanbul with rail systems. Currently 180 continues to run in the vicinity of the rail system. Our metro line works fast. People in the ground work like ants. We are not aware of these studies. Because these people are working under 7 / 24 ground while we live on top. You have put great responsibilities on our shoulders. You people are uncomfortable with us, these people, we are concerned about what we do for the people. Siz

Indicating that the construction of the metro continues rapidly in Istanbul Topbaş a short time ago, the 80 - 90 km of the new metro line was reminded that the tender. Expressing that the transportation network of 6 - 7 will be added to Istanbul transportation system together with Havaray, Mayor Topbaş said: N We have projects to be launched soon. One of them is the metro line from Bakırköy to Avcılara and Sefaköy. The continuation of this is the metro line from Sefaköy to Büyükçekmece. We are now heading towards the tender stage. Following this project, we are working on the Metrobus line from Büyükçekmece to Silivri. After that, we are doing 32.5 km subway project. In the same way we have a study about Esenyurt - Avcılar metro line. There will be 13 stations on this line. This passes through Büyükçekmece and will be an important transportation axis. In addition, we have a cable car work at the coast of Büyükçekmece to TÜYAP. This line will be 2,5 km or you can go directly to the beach or you can go up to the subway. Let's say you will come to the coast by metrobüsle or metro will ride to the cable car will go home or you will come home. You do these things, you're the one who gave us authority. It's because you're behind us. Siz

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