Siemens Transportation Solutions, 7. Eurasia at the Rail Fair

Siemens Transportation Solutions at the 7th Eurasia Rail Fair: Siemens presented innovative rail system solutions to the industry at the Eurasia Rail - 2th International Railway, City Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair held at the Istanbul Expo Center on 4-2017 March 7. brought together with professionals.

Siemens Transport Department, Velaro series high-speed trains, Desiro regional commuter trains, Vectron locomotive family vehicles 7. Eurasia exhibited its most innovative solutions at the Rail Fair.

The Velaro series high-speed trains with the Red Dot design award to be exhibited by Siemens at the fair serve on the Eurostar line passing under the English Channel between Germany, Spain, China, Russia, and the Ankara-Konya line. While the Desiro train set meets the needs of comfortable and economical rail transportation with its environmentally friendly structure, modern design and high efficiency; Vectron locomotives, on the other hand, are known as one of the most environmentally friendly locomotives in the world, with their strong technical features and the rate of recyclable materials reaching 90 percent.

Aiming to establish Data Analysis and Reporting Centers with Smart Data Monitoring technology, Siemens aims to prevent failures in trains. The system analyzes the information coming from the trains with certain algorithms and provides the main reasons for this, and the systematic assesment of errors and preemptive errors.

Deputy Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Visits Siemens Stand

7 is the opening speaker of Yüksel Coşkunyürek, Deputy Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Eurasia Rail Fair, the assessment was made on the railway sector in Turkey. After the opening speeches Maritime Transport and Communications Deputy Minister visited Turkey Yuksel Coşkunyürek Siemens booth.

Innovative Electrification and Automation Solutions from Siemens Transportation Department

Siemens Transportation Solutions, which installs the signal and control systems in Marmaray and connects the trains to the signal system through the CBTC system, ensures that the control center employees, trains and all components also access the most up-to-date information. With the installed control system Siemens Trainguard Sirius CBTC, it continuously realizes the reporting of precise information about the locations of the trains. Thus, while trains receive uninterrupted directions on which blocks and at what speed they can go, control centers are also given the opportunity to intervene quickly when necessary.

Siemens, which creates economical, comfortable, sustainable and innovative solutions for intercity and intercity journeys in railway and road transportation systems, has a great importance in urban rail systems; In addition to subway, tram, train and wagons, they perform their infrastructure, signalization and electrification works.

With its strong design and innovative technology, Siemens has been serving the transportation industry for many years, not only bringing new ideas to transportation solutions for traffic management, which is one of the most problematic areas of the present and possibly the future, but also continues to offer long-term solutions by focusing on the transformation of people and individual transportation needs. .



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