Theft on the tram line in Samsun

Theft on the tram line in Samsun: 26-year-old Celal Kurt, who was on leave from the prison where he was imprisoned for theft in Samsun, was detained on the allegation that he stole walkie-talkies, coins and employees' clothes from the tram ticket sales point.

The incident took place 2 days ago in İlkadım District Kale Mahallesi. Celal Kurt, who was allegedly in prison for theft and was released on leave, came to the ticket sales point right next to the tram stop of Samulaş, affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality, in Cumhuriyet Square at midnight.

Taking advantage of the absence of anyone around, the suspect opened the door of the point of sale with a hard object and entered, stealing 1 radio, some coins and the employees' clothes. Upon the occurrence of the incident, employees notified the police. The police, who made a fingerprint study, found Celal Kurt's fingerprint and caught him yesterday and detained him.

Celal Kurt, who was referred to the courthouse following the completion of the procedures in the police, was arrested and sent to prison by the court on duty.

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