SAF-HOLLAND is investing for production in Turkey

SAF-HOLLAND is investing in Turkey for production: commercial vehicles trailer industry, the leading supplier of attractive and bus applications SAF-HOLLAND, has opened its first production facility in Turkey. Germany-based company, with 5 million euro investment to increase its market share in Turkey began production in Düzce.

With annual sales volume of 1 billion 42 million euros and the capacity to employ more than 3 bin 200, SAF-HOLLAND, one of the leading manufacturers of trailer, tractor and axle linked systems for buses, opened its doors to its new production facility in Düzce. Opening of the facility; SAF-HOLLAND CEO Detlef Borghardt, EMEA President Alexander Geisler and SAF-HOLLAND Azizoğlu'nun hosted by Turkey General Manager Bilal was held with the participation of high-level public and private sector.

The SAF-HOLLAND family of products includes complete axle groups for trailers and semitrailers, critical products such as flatbed and king pin, as well as solutions for fifth-wheel tractors, air suspension systems for heavy trucks and buses.

We aim to export to neighboring markets based in Turkey

In line with the strategy of the year 2020 Referring to the importance of Turkey's SAF-HOLLAND for themselves in CEO Detlef Borghardt description; Büyük As SAF-HOLLAND, our growth strategy is as important as new markets. Looking at the world wide, we are among the top three suppliers in every product group we offer. Our overall market share in axle systems in Europe is over 2020. When the vehicle production in Turkey, we have a market share xnumx'lik percent. To increase our market share in Turkey, to be closer to our customers, our products and services to provide fast, medium term we operate in our new facility based in Turkey for export to neighboring markets. Turkey, for us, an important bridge between Europe and the Middle East market and we see great opportunities in line with our investment in this region, "he said.

The new factory will increase the diversity of products in Turkey

SAF-HOLLAND EMEA Regional President Alexander Geis pointed out the rising costs in the transportation sector, said in a statement; Iz As SAF-HOLLAND, we have high engineering skills in terms of quality and durability in the design and production of our products. In line with the competitive conditions and needs of our customers, we produce products that are lighter and lower in maintenance costs, without compromising quality, which reduces fuel consumption and cost per kilometer. We will start production with axle systems in Turkey. In the long term by expanding our product range of products such as fifth wheels for tractors we are planning to carry out production in Turkey. Simultaneously, services and after-sales service network in Turkey will continue to invest in our structuring "he said.

35 thousand axles will be produced

giving detailed information about the new factories SAF-HOLLAND Turkey General Manager Bilal Azizoğlu in his speech; D We established our factory on a total area of ​​10 thousand square meters, including 3 one thousand square meters closed and 13 one thousand. We are delighted to contribute to the economy as a manufacturer since our country is now also used for products and 90 as officially became operational in Turkey SAF-Holland xnumx'l of the year. Our aim is to produce 2011 thousand axles for up to two years within the scope of our medium-term plans in our SAF-HOLLAND Group's high quality standards facility. increasing our market share in Turkey to export to neighboring markets of our main goals. We plan to make our plant a center that will provide products to the Middle East, Africa, Russia, South Africa and even Central Europe if needed. Oğu



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