Rail system workshops will be reset

Rail system workshops will be reset: Rail Systems Technology Information Meeting was held. Speaking at the meeting, General Director of Technical Education Osman Nuri Gülay said that the government attaches great importance to transportation with the rail system and said, “This year we will eliminate the deficiencies of the rail system workshops in our 19 school and renew it.”

Rail Systems Technology Information Meeting was held with the participation of Deputy Undersecretary of MoNE Ercan Demirci and General Director of Vocational and Technical Education Osman Nuri Gülay.

The meeting will be held during the 3 day at Sultanşehir Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. Principals, Field Chiefs and 44 Personnel and Sector Representatives from the Central Organization of the Ministry participated in the meeting.

Speaking at the meeting, General Director of Technical Education Osman Nuri Gülay, said that the government attaches great importance to transportation by rail system.

Gülay said, olarak As the Ministry of National Education, we are preparing the infrastructure for this sector. For now, we have this area in 19, 19 in our province. Rail system is important for our ministry and general directorate. Especially 65. When we examine the government program, energy, health, aviation, space, rail systems, primarily in terms of both education infrastructure and investment is expected to eliminate these deficiencies. Last year, we renewed the workshops of our 12 school which provides aviation education with the latest system technology. This year, we will eliminate the shortcomings of our workshops related to the rail system in our 19 school. ”

Governor Davut Gül, in his speech, drew attention to the development of the railway sector day by day.

Governor Gul '' Both passenger and freight transport seems to pass in front of the highway. There are projects that Sivas has been waiting for, there are projects he has done, but the most expected 2018 in Sivas is the arrival of the high-speed train to Sivas Sivas this means. So despite making the best highway in Turkey's Sivas high-speed trains it is preferred. Or Sivas, Ankara transportation, Sivas, Kayseri transportation of divided highway, hot asphalt and the best ways to Turkey, but Turkey will become more of a service in the best way when it comes to other high-speed trains. We will not be connected to Ankara only when the high speed train arrives. At the same time, we will be connected to Istanbul. ”

Governor David Rose, Sivas in Turkey in the heart of freight forwarding industry with the first and the second will be installed by saying that a virtual center "in terms of freight transport to the harbor still very important. More importantly, our second organized industrial zone has a cluster that will appeal to the railway sector. As you know, we have an area of ​​8 thousand 200 acres. Previously, 65 was expropriated. With the efforts of the Minister of National Education, a thousand acres of land was transferred to the legal entity of OIZ. And every plot of this land will be an environment where the railroad reaches and those who make investments in the railway sector will make their investments very easily. ”

The 3 day-long meeting will focus on changes and innovations.

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