Message from Demiryol-İş on March 8, International Women's Day

8 March International Women's Day Message from Demiryol-İş: Demiryol-İş Board of Directors issued a congratulatory message due to the “8 March International Women's Day”.

The women's day message published by Demiryol-İş is as follows;

Our women, who represent sacrifice, productivity and sensitivity in every aspect of their lives, play an important role in shaping our future with generations of endless love and tolerance.

In the War of Independence, the Dardanelles War and the most troubled times of the society; altruistic, jealous Turkish women have made a great contribution to the resurrection and revival of society.

Since our women, who hold the dynamic values ​​of the society, play a major role in shaping the society, 8 is not always the time of the World Women Day, but always the crown.

Our women contribute to the future of the country more than anyone else with the generations they raise as well as their achievements in business life. Therefore, we believe that if we can offer our women a great opportunity, we will become stronger as a society. Women are the most important dynamic of society.

The role of women in the spread of peace and love in the world is very big and determinant, well-educated and educated women play a big role in the continuity of the qualified population. It should not be forgotten that the first educators of children are women. Conscious women are the most important factor in raising conscious generations.

Women are also the building blocks of democracy because of these features. We congratulate the “8th March International Women's Day” of all our women, and offer our love and respect, with the participation of our women in every business line and their important problems such as violence, discrimination and inequality of opportunity, are solved completely.

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