Nexans Eurasia Rail Attracts Intense Interest from 2017 Fair

nexans eurasiarail
nexans eurasiarail

At the Eurasia Rail 2017 Fair, Nexans drew intense attention from its visitors: “Eurasia Rail 3”, which is the third largest railway fair in the world in its field, was held for the seventh time this year. Nexans, one of the global players in the cable industry, attracted great attention from its visitors.

Offering high-performance cable and cable solutions to its customers with the slogan “Energizes life”, Nexans also attended the “Eurasia Rail, International Railway, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair” held at Istanbul Expo Center between 02 and 04 March 2017. She attended. The latest technologies and solutions developed by Nexans regarding the railway infrastructure and railway vehicle cables introduced at the booth at the fair attracted great interest from the visitors.

participants more than 25 companies from 200 countries and 70 countries from the 10 thousand professionals that brings together Eurasia Rail as well as the 2017 Nexans Turkey team Nexans Global from Railways Segment Director Erica Di tert also shared important developments and latest technology Nexans with visitors in itself ready in the sector. The Nexans booth also hosted TCDD officials and Bertrand Buchwalter, France's Consul General in Istanbul, who participated in the fair on a country basis.

to participate in the fair and indicating their satisfaction with the interest they saw Nexans Turkey Marketing Manager Ayhan Güngör "Every day, millions of passengers reliability of using the rail system, direct energy, communications and signaling order depends on the quality of the cables used. As Nexans, we have the chance to share with the participants coming from Turkey and abroad with the importance of cable quality and protection of signal integrity and vital importance of fire performance of cables. We are pleased for..

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