Unfinished tram straw in Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard

Tram stop on Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard: The traffic stalk in Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, which falls on one lane due to tram works, revolts the people of Izmir

The traffic intensity experienced every morning in Izmir Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard harassed the citizens. New Asylum WhatsApp tip is one of the grave complaints of the traffic on the coast is coming. This torment in the Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard, which falls on one lane due to the tramway work, doubles the previous traffic problem. Citizens who are fed up with the same persecution every morning, lar We crossed the road to pass the tram line. There's no way to drive cars. We're moving in one lane. We already had trouble before the coast boulevard this time doubled our rush. A moment ago we want to get rid of this traffic ordeal.

Harmandalı streets as patched packets

Izmir, Çiğli district Harmandalı district Dokuz Eylül Street is not suitable for Izmir. Following the infrastructure work, the road to the patches indicating that the citizens returned, "Average 2 mile up the road is corrupt. The municipality is making a patch. We want our street to be asphalted all over. Cad The courthouse has returned to the scrap vehicle depot.

Courthouse bridge returned to scrap vehicle depot

Becoming the new city center of Izmir Bayraklı In the district, the Courthouse Bridge, which connects Anadolu Avenue and Ozan Abay Avenue, has become six scrap vehicle warehouses and dumps. Citizens who want to clean the scraps and garbage around the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Courthouse Overpass called on the municipal officials to work. Responding to the Courthouse Bridge turning into a scrap car cemetery, citizens said, “This is the new city center of Izmir, developing. However, these images do not suit the city, "he said.

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