KİOSK Application from MOTAŞ

Motocartic Application from MOTAŞ: Carrying out the public transport in Malatya, MOTAŞ has added a new one to its innovations

Motas General Manager Enver Sadat Tamgaci, who made a statement about the Smart Card Filling Point KIOSK that he implemented, said the following statements:

. We continue to innovate in public transport to make life more comfortable and livable.

Within the scope of the works we initiated for innovations appropriate for our electronic infrastructure, we signed the protocol that will provide great convenience to the students with the officials of İnönü University, and we removed the education certificate and passport photo requests from the students in the card applications. Students can apply for student cards by logging into the system over the web. After completing the required sections and taking the necessary actions, they can come to Malatya Card Information Center located in the Grand Bazaar and receive their cards.

Again with the decision we have made and the infrastructure we have prepared, we have removed the demand for 'learning certificate' from the students under the age of 17 and saved our schools from the burden of stationery and the loss of time from our students Yine

”Smart Card Filling Points KIOSK“

Tamgaci continued his speech on the new system: ın Now we have implemented KIOSKs that can automatically fill smart cards. We have placed the Smart Card Filling Point KIOSCs at:

BESYO station, student dormitories, İnönü University Vocational High School entrance gate in the campus area and MOTAŞ stop in the Wedding Palace.

Passengers who have finished their balance on their smart card can learn the balance on their cards or load as much as they want by performing the necessary transactions from KIOSKs working with the logic of debit. They will also be able to buy both Malatya Card and two tickets.

We continue our research and studies to implement innovations for needs. Our goal is to prepare a more comfortable life and liveable tomorrows for our people. Ama

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