Take Your Place at Middle East & Africa Rail Show

Middle East & Africa Rail Show will be held in Egypt at the Middle East & Africa Rail Show in Egypt. The Middle East & Africa Rail Show will be held under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Transport and will be at the heart of the country's economic regeneration strategies at 11. is expected to respond to large-scale public transportation projects.
Exhibitor Profile:

  • Railway Institutions
  • Railway Technology Companies
  • Railway Security Companies
  • Railway Vehicles and Passenger Transportation Companies
  • Railway Logistics Companies
  • Railway Infrastructure Companies
  • Light Rail Systems Companies
  • Urban Rail Technologies Companies
  • Public Transport Companies
  • Communication Technology Companies
  • Data Processing Installation Companies
  • Logistics Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Heavy Industry Firms
  • Tunnel Construction Firms
  • Electrification Companies
  • Signalization Companies
  • wholesalers
  • Public Companies
  • Related Associations
  • Financial Institutions
  • Media Companies
  • Related Industries

Why Join?
- To enter a competitive market in order to establish smart and more livable cities,
- To submit your latest products and solutions to transportation administration authorities,
- To increase brand awareness for your company and products,
- To reach the buyers in the Middle East and Africa, to create a customer portfolio,
- To meet face to face with many decision-makers who are not available in the market,
- To increase your company profile with extensive marketing activities,
You should take your place at the Middle East & Africa Rail Show!
If you too; If you want to take part in Middle East & Africa Rail Show, which will be held in Egypt where all mega transportation projects will take place, visit the website immediately.


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